I’m Sarah, born in 82 and in Norway, but currently I live in the Netherlands (and have since 08). My mother is Norwegian and my father was Irish, so I grew up bilingual. This photo was found amongst my late father’s belongings and is of me around age 7, I think.

I have 3 cats, one man and no kids (by choice). I have a part-time job delivering mail by bike/foot, which gets me out of the house and at least enables me to make a small financial contribution to the household.

When I’m not delivering mail I spend most of my time procrastinating while I should really be working on my book about my walk from Amsterdam to Berlin. I’m also working on a comic or two, with truly terrible drawings. Sometimes I write poetry or short fiction.

This blog used to be mainly book reviews, though these days I post those only on Goodreads. Now I share comics, poetry and whatever else is on my mind that I feel it’s worth writing about – very intermittently.