Hi there,

I’m Sarah. Born in 1982 in Norway, but have lived an alarmingly large portion of my adult life in the Netherlands (since 2008 – time flies). My father was Irish and I grew up bilingual.

This photo of me was found amongst my late father’s belongings and is of me around age 7, I think.

I have 3 cats, one man and no kids (by choice). In the summer of 2022 we moved to a small village in Drenthe, where I spend my days writing, walking in the woods and taking care of house and home, while my partner goes out to make money (actually he usually works from home). It is pretty much the life I always longed for, and the quiet and the surrounding forests as well as the friendly locals are a balm for my sensitive soul.

I write quite a lot of poetry,  and micro fiction, sometimes short stories or hand drawn comics, and I also wrote a (not yet published) memoir about my walk from Amsterdam to Berlin. I’m currently working on a fantasy series.

This blog used to be mainly book reviews, though these days I post those only on Goodreads. Now I share mostly poetry or short fiction, general life updates or thoughts on writing. I also have a monthly newsletter which you can sign up for here.