Poem: The pleasure of being witnessed

Nothing exists in a vacuum. Not heaven nor hell (if indeed such things exist at all). Nor you nor I. I do not dance for your approval. I do not write for your judgement. I do not create for validation. It is for the pleasure of being witnessed. I was here. I was part of this….

Why I’m proud to be a failure

I have one of those some lines a day journal that lets you write a few lines every day for 5 years, and I’m currently on year 4. The writing space is very limited, and I admit that at least 50% of it is filled with mundane details like what I ate or how I…

New Year

I’ve never been a huge fan of New Year’s Eve. When I was young (teens and early twenties) there was always this build-up that New Year’s was going to be legen… wait for it.. dary, and it never was, so because there was so much build-up it inevitably ended up being disappointing. There was always…

Dance like nobody’s watching

Being a typical “stiff Norwegian” and shy to boot, dancing did not come naturally to me. I never took any dance classes as a child and never really had any interest in dancing – dancing makes you stand out. Dancing means not being afraid. And I’m nothing if not afraid – and a control freak….

Planning my passion(s)

I am a big fan of the passion planner, and I believe that if you just manage to stick to what you set out to do, it works. I had my first one last year, and I started off really well, but then it fizzled out somehow. This year I vow to do better. The…