Poem: Home

It wasn’t the soaring mountain peaks perpetually capped with snowNor the green and purple lights speeding across the night sky It was not the round pebbles and jagged rocks under my bare feetThe shrieks and joyful splashes of water, the gathering storm Not the smell of rotting leaves and mushrooms, with the frost slowly descendingNor…

Poem: Spring

This is one of the few poems I wrote pre-2020 and one of the even fewer that I feel still holds up after I’ve gotten more into reading and writing poetry over the past year. So, before it’s too late to post a seasonal poem (we had summer here for a few days just now),…

Poem: Overture (for Write from the Heart, August 2020)

The smell of cowpats mixed with sun-warm grass and wildflowers,
Rough bark and silken butterfly wings, 
Muddy lake feet and pursed lemon lips, 
Bonfire crackle and the cracking of crab shell,
Crimson sun melting into indigo,
And the cricket sings.

 The velvet night holds secrets and promises,
Soft laughter and guitar strings,
The mysterious clink of glasses,
Skin touching skin,
The symbols…