Book review: A Dance with Hummingbirds

3/5 stars.

I “picked this up” (on my Kindle) because the cover and the title were intriguing.

It continued to be intriguing but it was a bit of a mixed bag. I felt it fell somewhat short of what it promised, as it tried to accomplish too much on the just above 200 pages.

A lot of things happened too quickly, as well as a large chunk of the story being taken up by a secondary (sort of) story, which was a good story, but it contributed to the feeling of the book being a little all over the place.

It’s also partly my problem, because though I’m intrigued by the afterlife (and I definitely believe there is one), when someone starts going into such detail, making it so concrete – as it were – it’s a bit.. off-putting. I don’t know, maybe I’m strange, I just prefer if a few more details of these kinds of stories are left to my imagination.

I did enjoy the book, and the writing is good, but I think it should have been either longer or less ambitious. It would have been nice to see some more background for what was going on, then things like “you have to write a book about our love” or “oh I suddenly know why I hated you for no apparent reason” would seem a bit less out of the blue/forced.

It’s a sweet story and a quick read, so if you’re looking for something light and sweet, this might just be it. And the cat is quite enjoyable – very cat-like.


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