Cat café Kopjes in Amsterdam

I can’t believe I’ve made a whole 7 blog posts already, and none of them were about cats! I need to amend this grievous error immediately.

Fortunately, it just so happens that I went to visit Amsterdam’s one and only (to my knowledge) cat café: Kopjes, this past weekend.

It’s a bit out of the centre, but in a nice-looking neighbourhood and totally walk-able if you have comfy shoes. I always find Amsterdam is a good city to get around in on foot anyway, as there’s so much to see. And frankly I don’t understand how tourists dare to rent bikes in the city as the cyclists road rage is real. And nobody signals where they’re going. Anyway, getting back on track…

Kopjes is a lovely, small, low-key café, designed with cats and cat lovers in mind. Note that because of the limited space, you’ll need to make a reservation up front.


As soon as you get in, you just notice the relaxed atmosphere and the overall cosiness. The music is pleasant and quiet, the employees are very friendly, and  – what you’re actually here for – there are several cats wandering about, or taking naps, or playing, or eating or drinking – you know; cat stuff.

There’s a separate area for the cats to go into if they want some peace and quiet, and plenty of toys for them to play with and stuff for them to climb on.

There’s lots of cat themed art, cat books, cat (board) games – you name it. This is the place to be for any cat lady or lad. They even have a litter box for humans – how considerate!

They do serve bread with a few different topping options if you want something a bit more substantial, but otherwise I’d really recommend the cakes. I had the salted caramel brownie (as I’ve mentioned, I cannot resist salted caramel) and my friend had the red velvet cake, which were both amazing. The brownie was dense and moist and extremely chocolatey.

We didn’t actually get to cuddle any cats, but that was most likely our own fault as I unwisely chose to seat us at a table rather than in a sofa where we had been much more approachable (I did see one woman in a sofa with a cat on her lap). And to be fair we were pretty engrossed in our conversation as we had not met for a while.

We thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, the cake and just looking around at the cats and all the cat themed stuff. And it’s also nice to be able to help support these cats in their beautiful new home. Will go again.

And fortunately I have this little cuddlebug at home for my petting needs:


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