Homophones comic #7


Warning: this one is a two word solution but only the second word is a homophone. Why? Because I thought it was funnier this way. And who couldn’t use an extra challenge?!…

Also, in honour of my biggest fan (my mum…) I have made a separate homophones tab on the blog, so you can now find your very favourite wordplay comic even easier – cool, right? Though I’m sorry mum, I don’t think you’ll get this one as it caters to a certain fandom without prior knowledge of which the second image may be even more confusing than usual. This is what happens when you are a procrastinator and are quarantined for months…

Anyhoo – let’s get on to the main event, shall we? Scroll down to the second image to guess the homophone (or in this case one “normal” word plus the homophone), and keep scrolling for solution. Works best if you say what you see in the second image out loud. Have fun! (Or don’t – I’m not the boss of you).



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  1. fannyparowknill says:

    Hmmm… No, Mum doesn’t get it. Not even after seeing the solution. Can’t think of another meaning of the word sounding like throne. You don’t mean “thrown”? That’s a tiny bit different sounding, isn’t it? In British English anyway…?

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    1. Sarah says:

      Yep – I’m a “little thrown” by this. I believe the pronunciation to be indistinguishable but just to double check I looked up both words on forvo.com (a pronunciation website) and it’s the same there too… The throne itself is a nod to the iron throne from Game of Thrones (which I am not actually a fan of myself but almost everyone I know is).

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