A quick update on book reviews


It occurred to me that my blog used to be about 75% book reviews and now it’s 0%. I do still read (of course) and I do still mostly review books, I just decided that I couldn’t be bothered posting in multiple places, so I now keep my reviews on Goodreads only. If you’re interested in seeing my reviews or becoming book buddies you can find my profile here: https://www.goodreads.com/sarahrara. Sometimes I post a full length review and sometimes just a few lines or thoughts.

I have spent pretty much zero time networking on Goodreads, but would be delighted to befriend people who I can share my love of reading with and who can inspire me to try new books I possibly hadn’t even heard of – so don’t be shy.


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  1. jeremyjames says:

    i set the book challenge and log books in goodreads over the year and don’t know about the social aspect…I’ll follow you in any case

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    1. Sarah says:

      Great! I think the social aspect has a lot of potential for connecting with people who have overlapping tastes and discovering new books – I just haven’t really gotten into it.


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