WFTH October II: It’s Me

My second entry for Write from the Heart’s October comp, with the theme memories. An exercise in dialogue (and nothing but). The charity for October was for Alzheimer’s.

It’s Me

“No, gran, it’s me, Susie.”
“When you were little, your father and I bought you that pink bike, do you remember? You would get up early every morning and ride it up and down the street before school.”
“No, gran, that was….”
“And we would… We would pick the blackberries… Wouldn’t we? We picked the blackberries next to the path behind the house?”
“No, I… Sure. Yes, we picked blackberries.”
“And then you.. You helped me make the pie, didn’t you?”

“Susie? Is that you?”
“Yes, gran, it’s me. I’m here.”


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