Poem #1: Wheel of the year

What does the number mean?

YouTube video link.


Light’s elusive joy
filtered through the trees
A promise of spring
wafting on the breeze

The stillness of moss
on soft forest floor
wilful wily waves
crashing on the shore

Leaves turning golden, then orange
then falling
Foxes and geese and wild winds
are calling

Breath turns to mist
and grey turns to white
as we once again enter
the long winter’s night

As shadow turns to darkness
and dark again to light
Stoke friendship, fun, compassion
and let the inner flame burn bright.


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wonderful atmosphere. I like it. You take me in with you.

    …But… the rhythm and rhyme structure bothers me, tugs a bit at me, as it kind of comes and goes. Maybe this is just me, but when 6 of the 8 first lines have three stressed syllables, it kind of tugs and pulls a bit on my ears and my soul. I’m somehow longing for those three syllable lines then. Something of the same with the rhymes. For me it would be more satisfying to remove all bits and pieces of formal structure – or make an attempt to keep to a certain structure.

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