A poem every day – week 1


Confused? Check out my post from January 1st.

So, it’s been eight days since I started my poetry challenge, and I feel it’s going fairly well so far.  I have written a few poems I like, and a few I don’t much care for. It’s taken me between 20 minutes and a few hours to write each poem. I have gotten frustrated and felt uninspired already, but that’s also part of creative life in general.

For your reading pleasure, please find below poems number 2 and 7, including video links. As also mentioned on my YouTube channel, I’m doing these in pretty quick succession so I’ve not had time to memorise them. Therefore I hope you will forgive me when you see me glancing to the side to look at my text. If this becomes too annoying or distracting I will have to rethink the process and maybe focus on just one poem each week.

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Poem #2: A Lightseeker

Is what she called me.
I was flattered. I didn’t know
quite what it meant,
and I was distracted because
we had just buried
under the apple tree.

She took my hand then,
gentle as
lake water on a still night
her thumb rubbing over
the scar between my knuckles
the one
only she knew why I had.

Dirt had gathered and mixed
with sweat in
the crease of my brow
and I could feel
it melting

The clouds were heavy and
my bare arms prickled
with the knowledge of the oncoming storm

I hoped we would stand here
and let it
wash over us
clean everything away
except for breath and touch and memory

I still didn’t know what the
light was or how
to find it
but I knew that if she just kept holding my hand it would be alright

On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XA7OjUYa_Q

Poem #7: Blackbird

The moon was painted into the sky
surrounded by
the purplish grey of dusk

the hush
of darkness descending
settled over dew-wet grass

except for
the wistful song
of the blackbird announcing
that spring will come

and the year will
through the seasons

as it always has

On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/IDMcGmBbHI8


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  1. Yes! It’s going fairly well so far! Both these poems are good. Blackbird is great. But A Lightseeker is bloody marvelous! It just “sits” you know. It’s just so perfect and complete in itself. Not one comma can be changed, I feel. It has become it’s own entity. I find it hard to describe what it is that I like so much about it. One thing I know is that you are taking chances, and not explaining anything like who is “she”? and who is “James”? and why the scar? That makes it so strong somehow. It convinces me of a deep truth, even if I can’t grasp it with my intellect.

    I love this line:
    except for breath and touch and memory

    So raw, so sensitive and true.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sarah says:

      Thank you! ❤


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