A poem every day – week 5


I’m still plugging away, and still keeping an open mind as to how to move forward. I am going to keep this week’s update short, as I have a bit of a cold and my contact lenses feel dry and fuzzy. But the sun is out, the days are getting longer, and I can feel optimism getting a stronger hold.

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been experimenting a little with haiku lately. Now it’s not a genre I know very well, so I welcome feedback and tips. I’ve read both that haiku should have titles and that they shouldn’t, so the below haiku is either called The Last Dance, or it is called nothing… 😉

As we move slowly
the end rises to meet us
in one final dance

(January 30th)

Poem #34: Worth

The general assumption was
she’d grow up,
get a job,
start a family
you know





Which is why it took her so long to realise that

being something
did not require
doing anything

No new videos this week either because of aforementioned cold.

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Worth: Great! Clear, succinct. Short and true.

    Haiku: Okey, but not extremely interesting… I find that haikus can reveal their true worth when they are read aloud. If you just follow the simple syllable count rule you need to speak the short lines with a full breath for each line and let them resound and resound and fill out the space. Then you can maybe hear if the content is big enough for this resounding – like ripples in water after a frog has jumped f.ex… On the page the haikus look small. But they should also have something large about them, that can come out in the speaking.


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