Sarah& the noises

Being an HSP comes with its own set of challenges as well as blessings. For me one of the challenges is noises.

Sarah& things that are scary pt 1

I’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks finishing up the second draft of my book about my walk to Berlin, and I did it – yay! It still sucks – booo! But now I have sent it off to my lovely beta readers for some feedback so I will have to put it out…

Sarah& the disproportionate anger pt 1

A little something to tide you over while I work intensely on finishing the second draft of my book (the memoir/travelogue of my walk to Berlin). You can now also follow Sarah& on Facebook. What makes you disproportionately angry?

Sarah& day-to-day

A short comic I drew about something that happened at work yesterday…

Homophones #10 (last for now)

So this is the last homophones comic that I have drawn, and even though I still have more ideas I need to make time to sit down and draw them. Since they seem to be very hard to guess and I’m doing them mainly for my own amusement I may put them on the back…