Sarah& the grapefruit


I have finally taken up comics again after a way too long hiatus. It wasn’t that I ran out of ideas – on the contrary, I have pages full still – but that I had some other things to focus on for a while (like finishing my book). And the longer I stayed away from drawing, the harder it seemed to get. But now that I’m hopefully back in the swing of things I aim to post some more over the next few weeks, so stay tooned! (I feel like I’ve used that pun before but surely it was so long ago by now that you’ve all forgotten about it)


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  1. You make me smile and chuckle. …But also feel a bit stupid …again… What is the pun with “tooned”?

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    1. Sarah says:

      Toon is short for cartoon, so instead of “stay tuned” (as in stay tuned in to the TV/radio) I say stay tooned. It’s not a terribly good pun, admittedly, but it’s right there…


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