Homophones #10 (last for now)


So this is the last homophones comic that I have drawn, and even though I still have more ideas I need to make time to sit down and draw them. Since they seem to be very hard to guess and I’m doing them mainly for my own amusement I may put them on the back burner for a bit while I focus on getting that second draft of my memoir/travelogue done.

As a side note it’s interesting to me that these are apparently so hard to guess. I was expecting that they’d mostly be fun for word geeks, but even my mum who most definitely qualifies, they seem to be mostly impossible. I think it has something to do with how we store and process (written) language. Even if we see, say a picture of a very recognisable bard, our minds may refuse to make the connection to the homophone “barred” because what we read and see is “bard”, and that’s just how the mind works. Of course it’s easy for me because I came up with the ideas and once I’ve made that connection I cannot very well undo it and see it from the outside. I do wonder though, if someone else drew a homophones comic – would I be able to guess the answer? Do please feel free to try!



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