WFTH September 2020: Thaw

I’ve been remiss in posting – generally, but also specifically – my Write From the Heart entries of late. I’m still working on a lot of other things too – I’m almost done with the third draft of my book, I’ve sent some poetry in to contests, and there’s a lot of ideas milling about that I hope I’ll have room to do something with once the draft is done. Including more comics. Possibly some short fiction.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy these bursts of creativity I’ve submitted to WFTH over the past several months. And also, do please go check out their website, submit your stories, tell your friends, etc. It’s a great way to get creative without having to be too ambitious, it’s a very welcoming writer’s community, AND the proceeds go to charity.

This was my entry for September, when the theme was “spring”, though it’s probably more appropriate for my neck of the woods now (that being said, we have snow coming later this week). The charity for September was Beyond Blue – a mental health charity, which was part of my inspiration for this piece.


Spring is a shrill, ambitious cry, flooding the vast, barren landscape with an ocean of green. What has been open and known becomes hidden, buried under thick canopies of sap-drenched life. The frail winter sky brushed with azure, as bursts of yellow, purple, orange tiptoe through the grass, swiftly taking root. Something takes root in me too. As I take a few uncertain steps into the sharp, sweet, sun-drenched morning, I realise the important part is not the colours of spring, but that I can see them. And I know that darkness has once again released me.


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