WFTH December: Stranger Than Fiction

December’s theme for Write from the Heart was “2020 year in review”. A lot can be said about the year 2020, but it definitely gave us some fuel for our creative fires… And while I have your attention, January’s comp has been extended to include February too, so you still have time to submit your entry with the theme “future”. Go on, have a go:

I only got around to submitting one entry for December (and I have one in for the Jan/Feb competition currently, but perhaps more will come), and it was again shortlisted (yay me):

Stranger than fiction

– I’m off to the shop, do you need anything?
– No thanks, I’m good.

– I’m off to the shop, do you need anything?
– We’re out of toilet paper again.
– So is the shop. I’ll see if I can find something… papery. Anything else?
– If you get some tinned tomatoes I can make pasta for dinner.
– There’s no tinned or dry goods left either.
– Maybe we should order groceries online?
– The next available delivery slot is in three weeks.
– You know what? I’ll just come with you.
– We’re not allowed to go together. So.. Anything?
– No thanks, I’m good.


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  1. Mrs ESTJ says:

    So true! I haven’t seen whole wheat pasta for months! People have gotten over the toilet roll panic here thank God.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sarah says:

      Yes, the hoarding was fortunately short-lived, though it was annoying when it was in full swing.

      Liked by 1 person

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