WFTH Jan/Feb: Speed of light

Write from the heart has now become a quarterly competition rather than a (bi) monthly one, which is understandable given the amount of time it must take to organise, let alone read and rate all entries, on top of actually having to do work which pays the bills. The good news is that you therefore…

WFTH December: Stranger Than Fiction

December’s theme for Write from the Heart was “2020 year in review”. A lot can be said about the year 2020, but it definitely gave us some fuel for our creative fires… And while I have your attention, January’s comp has been extended to include February too, so you still have time to submit your…

Poem: Overture (for Write from the Heart, August 2020)

The smell of cowpats mixed with sun-warm grass and wildflowers,
Rough bark and silken butterfly wings, 
Muddy lake feet and pursed lemon lips, 
Bonfire crackle and the cracking of crab shell,
Crimson sun melting into indigo,
And the cricket sings.

 The velvet night holds secrets and promises,
Soft laughter and guitar strings,
The mysterious clink of glasses,
Skin touching skin,
The symbols…

“Departed” – micro fiction competition, second place

My lovely friend Joe has started a monthly micro fiction competition where part of the proceeds go to charity, so you get to flex those writing muscles while supporting a good cause. With an entry fee of only 2 AUD and a maximum length of 100 words the threshold is really low. If you are…