WFTH Jan/Feb: Speed of light

Write from the heart has now become a quarterly competition rather than a (bi) monthly one, which is understandable given the amount of time it must take to organise, let alone read and rate all entries, on top of actually having to do work which pays the bills. The good news is that you therefore still have plenty of time to enter the currently running comp with the theme of “faith”, which closes May 31st, and support the Dolphin Research Institute while doing so – yay!

This is my shortlisted entry for the Jan/Feb comp, which had “future” as the theme:

Speed of light

Wet summer grass between my toes.
Fingers find mine and entwine.
We gaze up at darkness, infinity, light.
It takes years for this starlight to reach earth, but seconds for me to see the future unfold.
Next year we meet.
I fall in love with the way he drinks his coffee, the foam attaching to his upper lip.
He falls in love with the way I tilt my head when I say maybe and mean yes.
Two years later we part.
But then we find ourselves here, just in time for the starlight to catch us.


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