Poem: Overture (for Write from the Heart, August 2020)

The smell of cowpats mixed with sun-warm grass and wildflowers,
Rough bark and silken butterfly wings, 
Muddy lake feet and pursed lemon lips, 
Bonfire crackle and the cracking of crab shell,
Crimson sun melting into indigo,
And the cricket sings.

 The velvet night holds secrets and promises,
Soft laughter and guitar strings,
The mysterious clink of glasses,
Skin touching skin,
The symbols…

Poem: The pleasure of being witnessed

Nothing exists in a vacuum. Not heaven nor hell (if indeed such things exist at all). Nor you nor I. I do not dance for your approval. I do not write for your judgement. I do not create for validation. It is for the pleasure of being witnessed. I was here. I was part of this….

Poem: I go to the sea

Where do you go, when you lose someone, You ask I go to the sea I whisper her name into the waves, and let the sea carry my love, the memories of things that never had a chance to happen, and the way she crinkled her eyes when she laughed, to distant shores so she…

Poem: A little bit more

A little bit more of you is like toast with butter and honey, A little bit more of you is like dappled sunlight through spring-green leaves, A little bit more of you is like the tang of salt and seaweed on the sea breeze, A little bit more of you is like freshly roasted coffee…

Poem: Hardcore self-love

I stand in front of the full length mirror, naked. I breathe in, deeply – the breath I’ve not allowed myself all day. I caress the swell of my belly, the rough cellulite on my butt and thighs, my hairy arms and legs. I trace each scar – seen and unseen, each memory. And I…

Poem: The recklessness of life

The recklessness of life, Its wild, flamboyant beauty, Startles her in the stillness. The wind, brazenly caressing the magnolia petals, The raw yet fragile power of small green shoots, Burrowing up through the earth – determined to live. A cat, lazily washing its face in the midday sun, A blue tit dancing coquettishly among the…